Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Best Garage Sale Find Ever....

...was a sweet little camper that I just gave a nod to when I first saw it.  My in-laws were visiting from Pennsylvania and when we traveled a ways to a flea market that closed earlier than we anticipated, we agreed to garage sale hop all the way home.  One of the sales had a camper for sale that I thought was interesting.  I walked through it and didn't think much of it - except that it was kind of cute and was a great price for what it was.  Two days later, after my in-laws had returned home, I told my husband about it.  I'd come across some cute photos of re-done trailers on the MaryJanesFarm and Sisters on the fly websites and was showing them to my husband.  To my surprise, Tony responded, "I've always thought it would be great to own one of those".  It was 4th of July weekend, 3 years ago now, and decided to venture out to the garage sale the very next day.  We were so excited to see the camper still in the driveway of the sale, but the sign was gone.  Long story made shorter, we were there as the new owner showed up to tow the camper away.  My husband offered $50 more than the original sale price and it became ours :)!  A little bit of work and a whole lot of camping fun later, it has been one of our best purchases ever.

When we bought it, it looked like this:

The interior was like this:

Our children were grossed out that once upon a time, a guy named "Bug" used to live in it.

With some wood refinishing, new curtains and cushions, it has a whole new look:

A different angle:

Now we just have to find the perfect awning!
Pure camping fun!


  1. That is so cool!! My parent just gave us their camper and my husband ans I are in total disagreement on the paint job. I love this one...of course he didn't :(

  2. If you look at the gallery section of the Sisters on the fly website, you will be able to see some great ideas. Some, I'm sure that your husband would not go for, but others that he might :)!

    What kind of camper did your parents give you?

  3. Your trailer is adorable!!! I have one too!


  4. Hi,So nice to meet another Michigan Gal! Love your "Garage Sale" trailer purchase! Wow...lucky you! She is a beauty. I would have got to meet you at the husband and I don't get many chances to go any more...We have been to the Port Crescent a few years ago...but , nothing since then...:(
    Thanx for stopping by to say hi, not sure if you found my blog yet...but, I will follow along with you on your blog, to see what glamping adventures you go on.
    Also, love that you do floral design, very nice work...:D!