Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our (egg) basket overfloweth.....

...with chicken, duck and Easter eggs. Spring of 2010 was our first attempt at owning chickens. It has been an interesting and foundational learning experience. I'm not sure why chickens are so fascinating to watch. One in particular likes to join me in the garden and eat found bugs and slugs off my trowel.

This spring, inspired by my daughters' "30 things to do before we are 30" list, we added "owning ducks" to the mix. Cute, messy and altogether a different experience, we have enjoyed their company on our little flower farm. Last week, one of the ducks starting laying eggs. Yesterday, one of our Araucana chickens left a surprise for us.

Baby Ducks, Spring 2011

Baby Chicks, Spring 2011

Gathered from the coop, Aug.17, 2011

An Abundant Harvest - even after having a neighbor gather eggs for a week while we were out of town

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