Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Adventure Begins

The day we closed on the church, my main man, husband, partner in life and all of its adventures, was out of town. Tony was in Texas.  I was bummed, as I had a plan for our first day of this adventure we'd been given.  It had been raining all day, which was a perfect backdrop, but alas, my plan would have to wait for a few days.

The day Tony returned home it just so happened to be another full day of rain.  A perfect setting for what I had in mind, but not so great for all of the trick or treaters who were going to be running from house to house in it.  Tony arrived home that day to find only our daughters to greet him.  They immediately insisted that he come with them, just up the hill.

As they entered one of the three entrances, one daughter made a comment about the wiggly square post topper that would need to be secured.  She took time to make sure that Tony realized the true wiggly-ness of it. 

Candle lit lanterns from our wedding a few moons ago lit the stairs...

As Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra sang away on Pandora, Tony and the girls walked up the stairs leading to... (did I say that we have an adventure on our hands? Broken windows, left behind film company props, former owner's stuff and all?) ....

And so a new adventure begins. Broken windows and all!~  


Side notes:  
First and last photo were not taken on that rainy day.
Tony's all time favorite movie was the perfect inspiration.
Signage creation credit goes to my talented oldest daughter.
Jones soda purchase credit goes to my peppy youngest daughter.
Decision to purchase a church, truly a God thing.  Read here.
Purchase decision not related to our adventurous son graduating from the Bible Division of Cornerstone University, but isn't that cool too?


Just in case you are wondering, stories of ripping up carpet, tearing down walls and sanding wood floors are sure to follow as time goes on.

PS.  The wooden cart used for our prop has quite a story too. Thank you to my friend who entrusted it to us for safe keeping. It has changed hands a few times and it's history could possibly be as long as that of the church itself.

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