Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cupula, bell tower and snow bunny, Oh My!~

We have had an exceptionally mild Michigan winter, until we didn't. 10.5 inches in less than 24 hours of thick, wet, beautiful snow. I couldn't resist taking some photos...

Bobby Boop, snow bunny extraordinaire!~

My grandma's swing. Love the snow caused cascading evergreen!~

Sunroom & cupula. Front and back. Built by my amazing husband!~


Bell tower - can't wait to find the right bell!~

We have french doors that have been waiting in our shed for some time for just the right use - I think they might be perfect replacement doors for the front entrance!~

Kid's fort!~ (built by my man)

grapevine wreaths on shed

My talented husband built the fence and structures in next couple photos. Seriously so thankful for his skills!~

Horse shed!~

Dakota & Goldie. Sweet miniatures & brothers who would be lost without each other.

Chicken coop!~ The chicks are staying where they are warm.

A touch of water in creek bed. 
So pretty in real life!~


From our farm to you!~
Enjoy something beautiful today... or silly, 
like a bunny in a flower pot!~

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