Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cottage Snapshots

Summer in Michigan.  The Great Lakes State.  Not only are we surrounded by the Great Lakes, but Michigan boasts over 11,000 inland lakes as well.  Just from our home, we have 9 inland lakes within a 10 minute drive.  Humidity in Michigan just happens, but when the snow is gone and the heat is on, you just have to......
Last summer, we stumbled upon a little place that we are slowly making our own.  Realizing what a gift it is, we are thankful every day.  Here are a few still shots from the view in and around our little get away....


Thankful to be able to stop and smell the flowers by the lake!


  1. Looks like you found the perfect Summer spot!

  2. I should have added created the perfect spot...the pictures are so you, just lovely :)

  3. Margo, A retired teacher just bought a place next to ours. I'm bummed it's not you!!!! If the great camper birdhouse that you got me didn't look so great where I have it at home, it would have made it's way to the cottage :). Hope you are enjoying your retirement so far.