Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Love Story From The Beach

We love weddings!~  More than a beautiful wedding full of flowers, we love solid, strong, God ordained, healthy marriages.  I heard a story today about love and marriage that I just had to share...

Because the rest of this week will be filled with arranging flowers for a special couple's wedding, I took my summer loving teens to the Grand Haven State Park beach. (photo above was taken at the Holland State Park last year but both beaches are along Lake Michigan, so the photo worked well for this story). 

While waiting for teens to change into their suits, the cutest elderly couple sat down at a picnic table near where I was standing.  Their backs were toward me as their eyes were on the water, waves and activity.  After sitting there for a bit, the lady turned to me and said, "I just told him, it was 65 years ago when we met at this beach".  

"Wow, that's wonderful" I replied. 

The lady continued, "we were 18. We dated for a bit, but then I broke it off. Due to religious differences. He said it about broke his heart."

"Ah, I'm guessing that one was Catholic and one was Protestant?" I inquired. 

"Yes, I'm Catholic and he is Dutch Reformed", she continued while looking at the man beside her, "After his wife passed away, he decided to try to find me again. He told me he wasn't sure if I'd want anything to do with him." 

"It looks as though you did", I said smiling toward them. "How long have you been together now?"

"It was five years ago when he found me and three since we've been married" she replied, appearing very much in love. 

"I'm guessing the religious differences have been all worked out?" I continued. 

"Yes, we go to my church on Saturday nights and his on Sunday mornings"  she said, smiling at her doting husband. 

The conversation continued a bit about them living in Grand Rapids, MI and other topics. As my teens were ready to find a spot on the beach, I said, "Isn't it amazing the way that God can work things out in our lives?"  The gentleman patted his wife's hand and responded while smiling, "It sure is, it sure is!". 

May that adorable couple have many more years and beach dates together!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Peonies & Ponies, yes please!~

Some days, I have to put the to do list on hold, grab the camera and capture some photos around our property. Often, in those moments, I'm reminded of what I'm thankful for....