Friday, October 17, 2014

Walking Trail

There is a trail behind my house
 that's used by very few.
It's well maintained and I'm so glad,
because this is what I view....

and then return to...
Have a wonderful fall weekend!~

Friday, October 10, 2014

Scattered Blooms

Most often, when I provide flowers for a wedding, I'll receive notes throughout the following weeks stating how much the flowers are still being enjoyed after an event.  It always surprises me when a bride or her family do not take the reception flowers home to enjoy.  There are times, that by the end of a very full and fun day, passing out flowers is the last thing on everyone's mind, and the flowers come back to where they started, Forrester Farm.  Most often, they are scatted and shared with those who might need a "pick me" up that week.  Once in a while, they stay right at our house and scatter joy on the homefront....

Most recent reception flowers before delivery~

Bridal bouquet ~

A few spare blooms placed in a vintage container ~ (our ancestors would have never imagined that their chamber pots would hold flowers one day)

Most of the reception arrangements went home with the bridal family, but some of the cocktail table arrangements came to our home just like this ~

Adding fragrance and beauty to the kitchen ~

...and dining room table ~

buffet ~

...and bathroom.

All white hydrangeas, lilies, baby's breath, lisianthus and 2 varieties of garden roses were used for this event ~

along with succulents in the bridal bouquet (which the bride did take home!)~
For more photos of the wedding flowers, go to our facebook page and see Laura and Mike's photo album.  

Have a wonderful weekend!~