Saturday, January 2, 2021

Looking Back and Moving Forward

 Forrester Farm turned 20 in 2020. 

It seems odd to even say that. What started out as a desire to grow flowers to share with others has become a wonderful business filled with blooms and amazing clients.

As I looked through so many photos of weddings, events and social gatherings that we have been a part of thru the many years, I am just so thankful.

Seeing the smiles and photos full of joy is simply priceless!~

Whether we are creating flowers for big weddings and events or small bridal or baby showers, each event is special.  In the years that we delivered our bouquets to Whole Foods and Pulp & Stem and participated at local art fairs, farmer's markets and even our own Garden Room events, it was always so enjoyable. We have grown, changed and evolved though it all and I'm thankful for each of those experiences.  I'm especially thankful for the fabulous people (couples, clients & customers) who made it all so much sweeter. 

Cheers to 2021 and a new decade for Forrester Farm!~

(many more photos available to view on our Forrester Farm facebook page)