Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Hello. Goodbye. Pulp & Stem.

Hello. Goodbye. Pulp & Stem.

Though many photos and posts showed up on our Forrester Farm facebook and instagram accounts, I hadn't actually blogged about our Pulp & Stem adventure in the Grand Rapids Downtown Market at all. As an ode to an excellent adventure, I do so now. 

As an introduction, Abbey, who owns The Paper Studio in downtown Grand Rapids, had approached me to be the "floral component" of her new retail space located in the Grand Rapids Downtown Market. Pulp & Stem opened in May of 2018 and we happily provided blooms upon blooms thru August 1, 2019. Fresh floral bouquets to compliment the wonderful gift items that Abbey had curated for the shop. The bouquets we provided year round also consisted of locally grown flowers during our Michigan growing season.

In honor of the start and end of a fun, flowery adventure, a photo journey of just of few of our weekly favorites...

Followed by the screenshot documentation of the Pulp & Stem instagram account which will be closing very soon... 

  And that's a wrap!~ 
We have loved working with Abbey and we loved being the "stem" side of Pulp & Stem.

As seasons change in Michigan, so they do in business as well. In the past 19 years of Forrester Farm, flowers have been a consistent part of who we are and what we have done. From weddings, events, participating in retail spaces, farmer's markets, arts & craft shows and hosting fun "garden room sales" at our own location, we change, adjust, grow and bloom and we look forward to doing more of just that!~ Cheers to the future!~

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Pulp and Stem blooms in the Grand Rapids Downtown Market

When a friend calls up and asks if you can meet and catch up, you never know what it might lead to. From a fun idea in the middle of February to a beautiful retail space that opened at the beginning of May 2018, it has been exciting to be involved with Pulp & Stem.

Update: As I prepare to write a new post, I looked over what was in my "draft" folder. Decided to go ahead and post this just for fun & for memory sake, even though it was written some time ago.