Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Winter Bucket List in the Spring

It is officially spring.  March 20 marked the first day.  We woke up to more snowflakes falling today.  After winterizing our little getaway place up north in November, my husband said that he would still like to go a few times during the winter - we would still have heat and electric, but would be without running water.  If I was remembering correctly, the winter of 2012-2013 was fairly mild, and a few mid-winter get away times sounded fabulous and relaxing.  If I could handle Outward Bound for 23 days in the great outdoors, surely a night without running water would be just fine.
 The reality was, it was so bitter cold for most of the winter, that we couldn't imagine going and trying to use our little furnace and a couple space heaters to stay warm! Between a full schedule and the weather, we kept delaying our "bucket list" goal.
A couple weeks ago, my husband received an invitation for an Italian Dinner that was going to take place on March 22 at the local Conservation Club that he had joined up north. We had a clear schedule for that evening, and surely, by the first of "SPRING", it should warm up a bit! The dinner was delicious and the cottage was waiting for us just as we had left it.  Though the outside temps were in the 20's, we fired up the furnace, got cozy, watched movies with the kids and had a great time. Whenever we go there, we have to take a walk. Here are a few pics from the icy adventure.... 
Not sure if this sign is really all that politically correct...
The public access boat launch area is never very busy and upon occasion, you might spot an Amish couple with their horse and buggy parked to the side having a picnic.
Love the variety of styles for the various cottages.  This one is right next door to the public access spot.
This one was on the market last spring.  Adorable, but only a 1 bedroom.
Right next door to the sweet yellow one is this rustic woodsman style...
A view down the lane...
A view of ours from the lane.  The yellow and brick.  Summer to-do list includes a fresh coat of paint and a little fence addition.
Soon, the snow will melt and this will be our view once again!  I can't wait!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The camera and a few vintage finds...

I've been playing around with the camera a bit today.  Mostly, because I've had a line item on my "to do" list that keeps getting forwarded to the next day.  Today, yesterday, last week.... "List 5 items on etsy" has been getting the arrow forward mark rather than the check off the list mark.  The online shop has been poorly neglected and I can give a million reasons why, but it's time for that to change.  Here's a sneak peek of what's in store for the shop... coming.... soon...I promise!
If you like vintage kitchen items, you might like to see what Faded Charm blogged about today.  Have a happy Thursday! 

PS, did you know that it is National Macaron Day today?  One of my daughters is excited to do a little baking when she is done with school.  Wonder what color she will make this time?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Friday!

It has been a full week, full of flowers, meetings, bridal quotes and... more snow!  Though it is lovely and looks amazing on our chicken coop, it is time for it to go.  I promise, we won't complain if it gets stifling hot this summer!
This week I got an order for a special arrangement celebrating the life of a 96 year old woman.  
There were just a few blooms left, so I put together a little something to be used at our "bring on spring" dinner with friends tonight...
Though I used pussy willow branches for these arrangements, I also love using flowering quince at this time of the year.  The following photo was taken at the GRunveiled bridal show that we participated in a few years ago.
Soon, this Michigan snow will melt and we'll be hearing more birds sing while breathing deep of sunshine, warmth and flowers once again.  This photo compliments of one of our sweet June 2013 Forrester Farm brides.
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the moments!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Springtime is coming...

 photo courtesy of Country Living Magazine
....and I can't wait!  I was so excited when I saw a puddle (aka: melted snow!!!) in the parking lot of my daughter's dance studio today.  This winter has been L O N G!  Grand Rapids, MI (which we live on the outskirts of) was rated #3 for being the Snowiest City of Winter 2013-13 according to the Weather Channel.  Not only that, but Grand Rapids had now experienced it's 2nd snowiest weather ever in all time according to the Mlive Morning review on 2/28/14.  Winters like this remind me of my childhood.  I loved it then, but in March 2014, I am ready to plant seeds, spring clean our property (I don't know if we had more snow or willow branches falling) and be done with snow!  First item to plant outside, will be a honeysuckle vine - pictured above, in memory of my daughter's friend.  It is the favorite flowering vine of the friend's grandma and we had the pleasure of talking about it just last week when we were all together.

A few other flowers that we will be adding to our garden again this year....  From Territorial Seed Company, we have cleome, cosmos, delphinium, dianthus, poppies, snapdragons, strawflower, sunflowers, sweet peas and zinnias.

From Pinetree Garden Seeds, we have: baby's breath, dahlia, rudbeckia, sunflowers and ....vegetables :).

add to this a few more annuals and already established perennials like larkspur, peony, gladiolas, gooseneck loosestrife, ageratum and veronica....

  - and I'd say it is going to be a great year in the garden!