Monday, January 28, 2013

When my baby brother got married.....

the whole family celebrated, laughed, danced and had fun.  Who knew years ago when I changed his diaper, that I'd also be the one to design his wedding flowers.  Sorry if that embarrasses you Casey, that's what big sisters do!

The family has grown and these photos are from a bit ago, but I just obtained the CD, and am excited to share some of them.

Jenny Friar to Casey Carmody - shown in no particular order

Photo credits to:   Shutterbug by Jen
Floral credits to:  Forrester Farm

After wedding photos in Rockford, MI

A vintage touch, prior to the wedding..

Loved how both moms were laughing.  Also, had to show the lanterns and arch.
Ceremony at New Life Christian Fellowship, Grand Rapids, MI. 

It wouldn't be a Carmody wedding without a few Buicks...

Post ceremony photos in Rockford, MI

We not only gained a sister in law, but a wonderful niece!

Love seeing flowers mixed in with my dad's '33 Buick! 

Reception was held at Wabasis Lake.  Greenville, MI

Jenny, my sister in law, wanted to use her Grandma's dishes for the centerpieces.  Her mom made the custom table cloths that were used at the reception. 

Casey is a pilot.  "Marry me, fly for free" was his motto!

Our dad was really missed, yet remembered, on this special day.

Are they having fun yet?  Love seeing Casey and my mom on the dance floor.

The after party floral shot

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How time flies....

It was an amazingly busy, beautiful, fun, productive, crazy, surprising 2012, and not much of that has been shared.  2013 goal - share more.

Working backwards....  November, 2012 Corporate Event, Grand Rapids, MI

Flowers by Forrester Farm
Event by Grand Connection