Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Thankful For Our Wedding Couples ~

Without our amazing couples through the years, we wouldn't have received this great award for the 7th year in a row! Thank you!~


Love working with such great couples. The past year wouldn't have been the same without you! (snapshots from our workroom)

Dayna & Eric

Katherine & Zach

Sarah & Jeff

Amanda & Phil

Brittany & Jacob

Amy & Matt

Andrea & Christopher

Jessica & Conner

Kelsey & Kevin

Sarah & Brian

Victoria & Josh

Kelsey & Tim

Melissa & Chad

Laura & Jonathan

Callan & Dave

Grace & Matt

Jodi & Nate

It was such a pleasure being a part of your special day and I pray that your first year of marriage is going very, very well.  
God bless you all!~

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Here's to a BEAUTIFUL 2016!~

New Years Day, 2016

Ours began with a Forrester Farm wedding flower delivery for a special couple and sighting a bald eagle on the way to the church!~  Does it mean something if our son, who was in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho also saw a bald eagle that day? What a gift!~

Our family had successfully avoided the mall for the majority of the holidays, but after making our flower delivery, teen girls really wanted an outing, so to the mall we went.  Barnes & Noble tends to be our meeting place if we happen to separate during mall time.  The girls had a great time, and I found some inspiration on the front cover of Victoria magazine for the brunch I was preparing for visiting friends the next day.

Rather than follow the recipe in the magazine, I used the recipe that our sweet intern from France had shared when she lived with us in 2010.

 Organic Hazelnut spread, I'm sure, makes all the difference in nutrient value :).

 Our sunroom where our treat was stored was a little chilly. The cake stand cover frosted naturally.

And, voila!~

 made with love

 with mostly all natural organic ingredients,
 including eggs from our own chickens...

Completely enjoyed with coffee. 
No leftovers remained!~

 Thankfully, there were a few "leftover" blooms from the new year wedding work and a few flower blossoms are gracing our bathroom, which will be receiving a complete makeover this year!~  Yes, here's to a BEAUTIFUL 2016!~