Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Pure Wedding Joy in the Midst of Crazy Covid Changes

This past year, we had so many wedding couples change and adjust their plans as covid took a toll on just about everything in our big and wonderful world. As couples changed plans, dates, locations and more, Forrester Farm adjusted right along with them as much as we possibly could. All of our 2020 weddings and events were affected somehow or another. All of our 2020 couples handled the necessary changes with grace and made the absolute best decisions that they could in the face of the pandemic. 

The amount of grace and flexibility that I witnessed in our couples was extraordinary. Believe me, I saw and heard the tears, disappointment and frustration over not being able to move forward with weddings as they were initially planned, but as couples made plan B's, C's and even D's, it was oh so evident that nothing could stop love!~ 

We loved being a part of Lindsey and Niquo's wedding this past year, providing the floral for the ceremony and reception. After several reception location adjustments following covid guidelines, Lindsey and Niquo were offered a private property that would ultimately be the perfect solution for their celebration. The pandemic influenced re-planning and adjustments had not been a picnic and by the time the wedding date arrived, they were just so ready to really enjoy their special day.

I recently saw the professional photos of Niquo and Lindsey's wedding day, and the joy that was evident just looking thru the photo album was contagious!~  Elizabeth of Elizabeth Berghuis Photography absolutely captured the joy of the day perfectly. The beautiful shots, the beautiful moments, the beautiful memories. 

All photos in this post by:

 Elizabeth Berghuis Photography.

All floral by yours truly,

Forrester Farm.