Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy Holidays!~

I just love this time of the year!~  The snow, the decorating, the Christmas carols, and most importantly, the real reason for the season!

(photo compliments of Salvage Dior)

I spent some time making ornaments this week.  The best part of this project was that all of the supplies were already on hand. 

The idea came while cutting rose hips from our property to use in our outside containers. 

 I just happened to have a few clear glass ornaments left from my craft sale days...

Using epson salt (that was used in a winter wedding centrepiece display), ribbon, wire and boutonniere bags (that I always have on hand), resulted in the following fun, wrapped gifts...

There are so many ways to be inspired this season. Just a few of my inspiration spots are:
Fun sites by creative and sweetly real chicks!
Cheers to enjoying the magical moments and keeping our eyes on the real reason for this fun time of year! Forrester Farm 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Projects in the Fall

With our Forrester Farm wedding season slowing down just a bit, I've been organizing, cleaning and tackling a few projects at home. 

It was time to remove the floral display on our front door.  Using a galvanized letter that I picked up on sale at Michaels with items we already had on hand, this fun frame now adorns the front door.... 

Reorganizing the guest bathroom and stocking shelves with soap resulted in this look...

A while ago, I had picked up a frame and a metal tray while thrift shopping, thinking I would add the items to our Forrester Farm Garden Room Events. This year, we were so busy with weddings, that I didn't schedule any events and the frame and tray were painted and put together in this combination...

If we run out of storage space for wedding supplies, they might end up being displayed throughout the house in hopefully non-cluttered, creative ways. In this case, on the counter in the basement... (antique wood sock darners and butter mashers added for fun)

I might have a problem because I sometimes pick up items that I can envision a future for, but don't really have a place for right now, like a barn door with hardware attached or something like this...

But, with such great ideas available on pinterest, it might one day sport a display something like this:

 Photo compliments of:

Whether you've been organizing a closet, getting the leaves off your yard or doing something creative, I hope that you walk away from that task feeling a bit more energized and perhaps ready to take on something new!~

Friday, October 17, 2014

Walking Trail

There is a trail behind my house
 that's used by very few.
It's well maintained and I'm so glad,
because this is what I view....

and then return to...
Have a wonderful fall weekend!~

Friday, October 10, 2014

Scattered Blooms

Most often, when I provide flowers for a wedding, I'll receive notes throughout the following weeks stating how much the flowers are still being enjoyed after an event.  It always surprises me when a bride or her family do not take the reception flowers home to enjoy.  There are times, that by the end of a very full and fun day, passing out flowers is the last thing on everyone's mind, and the flowers come back to where they started, Forrester Farm.  Most often, they are scatted and shared with those who might need a "pick me" up that week.  Once in a while, they stay right at our house and scatter joy on the homefront....

Most recent reception flowers before delivery~

Bridal bouquet ~

A few spare blooms placed in a vintage container ~ (our ancestors would have never imagined that their chamber pots would hold flowers one day)

Most of the reception arrangements went home with the bridal family, but some of the cocktail table arrangements came to our home just like this ~

Adding fragrance and beauty to the kitchen ~

...and dining room table ~

buffet ~

...and bathroom.

All white hydrangeas, lilies, baby's breath, lisianthus and 2 varieties of garden roses were used for this event ~

along with succulents in the bridal bouquet (which the bride did take home!)~
For more photos of the wedding flowers, go to our facebook page and see Laura and Mike's photo album.  

Have a wonderful weekend!~

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fun with Flowers

What a fun, flower filled summer it has been. Filled with brides, weddings, special orders, and family life, the season has flown by.  What follows is a very small snippet of the floral side of our summer...

Bright & cheery bridal bouquet:

Home grown blooms bridal bouquet:

Splash of whimsy bridal bouquet:

Elegance with a twist bridal bouquet:

Locally grown lovely bridal bouquet:

Ivory & blush elegance bridal bouquet:

Fabulous fall bridal bouquet:

First cuts from the garden display:

Garden blooms:

Romantic display:

More romantic designs:

Blue hydrangeas in milk glass:

Garden blooms with lambs ear bow accent:

Boutonnieres for a farm wedding:
That's all for now!~