Thursday, April 17, 2014

Creativity Abounds!

Are you ever over the top amazed at how creative some people can be? I am.  Today I was able to have an adventure with a friend of mine.  We ventured to a local flea market and bumped into so many creative people through out the day. 

First, the sweet owner of Maple Valley Farms, Angela.  
Here's a photo from their website: 

We took a jaunt through a nearby town and stopped at Haack and Sons Antiques.  I often bump into the owner, Angie, at different locations, but today we had the pleasure of meeting her husband, Fred.  (Funny, I bumped into Angie a bit later at a grocery store.)  There were so some great items in their shop, but my favorite was a vintage Sunoco sign.  My dad had owned a Sunoco Station in Grand Rapids when I was little.  We still find the Sunoco stickers, that my siblings and I loved to use, scattered randomly at my parent's house.

A place that I've heard many things about, but have never had an opportunity to stop is Kindel & Company.  What a great store with a great restaurant nearby, Latitudes Roadhouse.

On our way back toward home, we had to stop at a friend's store.  The Barn Vintage Decor and Consignment!  Victoria, the owner, is so sweet.  She has a heart for God and a much bigger mission than just offering fabulous finds from her wonderful shop.  My friend who I was with today also has a booth space in Victoria's shop.  It was great to see her fun display.
When you see other's creativity, do you celebrate?  
So often I'll hear people mention that they are not creative.  We are all created differently with different interests, but we were created by the Author of Creative, and so often I can't help but to be in awe!

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