Monday, November 16, 2015

Reclaim this Church!

What you see is what you get...and what you don't see is what you get.  Oh, and there were things left behind? Well, you might get those things too!

Those were the pictures that the real estate agent had taken for the sales listing of the church. What you see is what we got.  

There were many things not pictured....

Oh, and there is much more. Those things not pictured, lucky us, we also got. (I've not taken a picture of the kitchen yet, but can you see the glimpse of the pink counter tops by that lovely avocado green refrigerator?)

While the church was in a transitional title state this past August, a film company used the location for some shooting of a television series that might be picked up later this year. There were quite a few items left behind.  Two wonderful neighbors and I consolidated props that were scattered in the basement and main area of the church...

We really did not want to get those things too!~ Thankfully, 2 weeks after we closed on the building, the director made 2 trips with a truck to remove most of the items and yours truly took a huge load of trash to the dump (another great neighbor insisted on helping me collect that trash, claiming it was therapy!)

The most therapeutic and exciting part for me so far has been prying down the 2 dividing walls that were put in the main area of the sanctuary when the former owner ran his screen printing and embroidery business in the building.  We aren't done yet, but tearing down part of the walls has been quite rewarding for 2 teens, myself and my mom.  Guess what was found inside one of the walls - a whole 20 cents!~ Yes, we get that too - now added to the broken window fund.

 (The window you can see all the way through the 2 walls is above the original baptismal tub. Neighborhood hot tub anyone? Yikes!~)

My main man wants to tear down the upper part of the walls, hoping in minimize any potential ceiling damage.  He has been over the top busy with his real job, but once he digs into this, I know that he will think it is therapy too!~

We are making some "reclaim this church" progress and we will all be excited to see more light!~

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