Saturday, January 14, 2012


I love working with brides.  Through the years there have been so many brides from all walks of life.  Some live right here in West Michigan, others have planned their weddings with me from as far away as California.  I've seen marriages bloom and families grow as babies enter the picture.  From coffee barristras, teachers to future brain surgeons, the brides and their styles have varied immensely and I've loved working with them all! 

Currently, I'm working with a sweet bride who is from the Ukraine.  She lives in Washington D.C., her fiance lives in Canada.  With family in West Michigan, their wedding and reception will take place in Holland, Michigan.  Drawn to locally grown flowers and a vintage rustic theme, the couple have shared a couple ideas:

Bridal Bouquets:


Bridesmaids Bouquets:


A couple additional ideas incorporating books and blue mason jars:

As we are enjoying the freshly fallen pure white snow in Michigan, I'm also enjoying the planning of colorful spring planting - incorporating what this couple and many others are requesting this year.

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