Thursday, October 29, 2015

For the Love of Old Grace

My grandma was an amazing woman.  Mother of 9, wife to a farmer, milker of cows, baker of bread.  The woman that I knew as "Grandma" was full of contentment and a picture of grace. Her grace and contentment did not come as a result of an easy life, but was the result of decisions made along the roads she travelled in both her life and her heart.  She loved being surrounded by "her people" as she sometimes referred to her very large family.  I would imagine that each and every one of us saw Grandma differently based on our experiences with her, but she was a common thread in each of our lives and so was her home.
(photo & light decor credit to my cousin Lyn)

Grandma's house was always special. Besides being home to the lady I loved and the host of countless family gatherings, it had amazing craftsman features....

My grandma always said that she would live to be 100. In her own special way, she kept her promise.  We sadly said "goodbye for now" 100 days prior to her 100th birthday. She always did put her own spin on things. 

Her house has remained in the family for many years.  While one of my uncles lived there, the "stuff" of the house was dispersed. We held a fun family auction so that anyone who attended could bid on special "grandma items" to keep for memory sake.  The truth is, we don't need the house or the "stuff" to remind us of her. The real memories of grandma will continue in each of our hearts, the hearts of her people.

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